Warranty Registration

We always encourage our customers to register their products with us.

This helps to ensure a smooth process in the future should you need warranty parts or service.

If you would like to register your Bio Bidet product, send us a copy of your proof of purchase to support@biobidet.com.  Please make sure that your proof of purchase includes the following:

  • Place of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Model(s) purchased
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your address

You can also fax this in to 847 854 1296.

Please be advised that there does exist unauthorized resellers who do not obtain Bio Bidet products through approved sources and instead may resell Bio Bidet products obtained through liquidation channels.  These types of sellers are often found on Ebay.com and Amazon.com.  Since Bio Bidet cannot verify the source or guarantee that the sold bidet was in brand new condition, Bio Bidet products sold by unauthorized resellers are not eligible for warranty coverage.

The Bio Bidet manufacturer's warranty is only applicable towards brand new units sold by authorized Bio Bidet sellers.



Please note that some older BB-600 Bidets have a 3-year warranty in the manual, but it should be 2-years. We will honor the 3-years if they send proof of this.

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    Kevin Norris

    we are very satisfied with our bioBidet and looking forward for many years of service.

    Thank You!

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