Bidets in RV's or Boats

We understand how hard it is to leave home without your bidet.

In recent years we've received several inquiries from our customers asking if it would be possible for them to install a bidet into their RV or boat. 

As long as you have a water supply available behind the toilet and the toilet in the RV or boat is compatible, you can install a bidet into an RV or boat.

First, check to make sure that it is possible to fit a T-valve at the water shut off valve or toilet fill valve.

Second, check that the type of toilet in the RV/boat is compatible.

There must be 1.5 inches of flat space between the center of the mounting bolts to the back of the toilet. 

There must be 5.5-7.5 inches clearance between the center of the mounting bolt holes.

Check to see if you need an elongated or round bowl.

The bowl of the toilet must be flat- no ridges or raised sides.

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