Feature Spotlight: Feminine Wash

Feminine hygiene is important to maintain for a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Using a bidet with feminine wash is an easy way to stay clean and fresh everyday without the need to buy douches.

Using the feminine wash can greatly help avoid Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and help prevent vaginal bacterial infections.

It can also bring great relief to pregnant women and women on their menstrual cycles.

By cleaning the vaginal area with natural water, you know that you aren't exposing your body to a formulation of chemicals. 

All electronic bidet models have a feminine wash as a standard feature.

Our best feminine wash is on the Bliss BB2000 and Bliss BB1700.  The feminine nozzle port is advanced to feature a horizontal slot for water to spray out from in a more voluminous stream for a more gentle yet effective cleaning.

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