Toilet Fit and Size Guide

Bidet seats are designed to fit most 1 piece and 2 piece standard toilets excluding the American Standard Champion 3 & 4 toilets.

Bio Bidets are not compatible with 1 piece toilets with a French curve.

Take the following measurements to find out which toilet shape you have and if the toilet is compatible:

Elongated vs Round: Measure from the center of the mounting bolt holes to the very front of the toilet bowl.  If it is around 18.5 inches you have an elongated toilet.  If it is around 16.5 inches you have a round toilet.


Check clearance from the center of the mounting bolt holes to the front of the tank.  You will need about 1.5 inches.

Check clearance between the centers of each mounting bolt hole.  You will need at least 5.5 inches and a maximum of 7.5 inches.  Make sure that your measurement is not from edge to edge- must be from center to center.

Make sure there is no French curve and no raised edges on the sides.

Toilet types A & B shown below are usually compatible.  Toilet type C is not compatible.


American Standard

Good Models Antiquity, Astute Vormax, Boulevard*, Cadet1-4, Clean, Colony, Edgemere, Mainstream, Portsmouth, Reliant, Repertoire, Retrospect, Saver, Studio Dual, Titan, Town Square*, Tropic, Yorkville
Bad Models Fairfield&, Tofino*, Champion 4*



Good Models Belmont, Belmont HET*, Diplomat, Diplomat Compact, Stratus
Bad Models Canterbury


Glacier Bay

Good Models N2316, N2410EB/2410T , N2424EB/N2424T, N2428T/E, N2430
Bad Models N2420



Good Models Adair*, Archer*, Bancroft, Barrington, Cimarron, Devonshire, Highline, Kathryn*, Kelston, Memoirs*, Portrait*, Saile* (will need top mount bolts for installation), Tresham, Wellworth
Bad Models Gabrielle*, Persuade, Reve*, Rialto, San Raphael*, Santa Rosa*, San Souci*, Escale



Good Models Alto, Barrett, Brentwood, Cascade, Denali, Maverick, Mont Clair, Pro-Fit 1-4, Protector, Quantum, Summit, Waverly
Bad Models Aegean, Enso, Vanquish



Good Models

Aimes*, Carolina*, Carlyle, Clayton, Dartmouth, Drake, Drake 2, Entrada, Guinevere*, Legato*, Lloyd, Nexus, Promenade, Rowan, Soiree*, Supreme*, Supreme II*, Ultramax*, Ultramax II*, Vespin II

Bad Models Aquia, Whitney



Good Models

Brevard, Corrente, Foundations, Lilah, Prelude, Riosa, Turner

Bad Models Luxford

Models with a * next to their names are 1 piece toilets. 1 piece toilets should be viewed with extra scrutiny as the width of the unit where the tank connects to the bowl could be too wide for our non-electric bidets to fit since some of their components hang down to the left or right side of the toilet. These non-electric units are the BB-70, BB-270, Elite3, Essential, SlimEdge, SlimGlow, SlimTwist and the Bemis WellSpring model.

However, these 1 piece toilets should pose no issue with our electric units as they fully sit on top of the toilet rim. These electric units are the DIB, A7SE, SlimOne, SlimTwo, SlimThree, U770, HD7000, USPA6800U, BB-600, BB-800, BB-1000, BB-1700, BB-2000, A8, DLS and the Bemis Haven models.


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