Do bidets require electricity?

We offer a full line of products from basic bidet attachments that require no electrical hookup to advanced bidet toilet seats that do require electricity.


Natural water bidets (non-electric) are effective and affordable.  They will connect directly to your water supply and operate purely through water pressure. 

Most non-electric bidets offer one temperature option but there are cold/hot water models available as well. 

Natural water bidets have limited features but are good solutions for those who only want a basic wash or do not have access to a nearby plug.


Bidets that do require electricity are bidet toilet seats.  These are electronic bidet seats that replace your existing toilet seat.  They require electricity to function so you will need a nearby GFCI outlet. 


Bio Bidet Electronic Bidets

  • Bliss BB-2000
  • Bliss BB-1700
  • Supreme BB-1000
  • USPA 6800
  • Prestige BB-800
  • Ultimate BB-600
  • Harmony BB-400


Bidets require a 14 gauge Copper Grounding wire.

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